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The Kai Law Group P.S. has extensive experience with a variety of divorce situations. Whether your divorce is an amicable break-up with no kids or full of conflict involving a complex child custody situation, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. We will evaluate the circumstances of your situation and develop a strategy that addresses all of your goals and concerns. Our long history of representing divorce clients in the local courts has given us extensive knowledge of the local judges and opposing counsel. We are exceptionally well-prepared for any situation we might encounter, including divorces involving immigration and international adoption.

Resolving Child Custody Situations

Drawing up a fair co-parenting plan is often easier said than done. When there are issues such as a parent moving out of state or expecting a military deployment, an experienced divorce attorney is often critical in negotiating an agreement. Our experience with international adoptions, vulnerable youth protection orders and other family law matters give us unique insights into how to resolve child custody disputes. We are deeply committed to the well-being of children and finding ways to keep both parents involved in their lives after divorce.

Divorces Involving Vulnerable Youth Protection Orders

When a vulnerable youth protection order is issued in a divorce, custody agreements and visitation rights become very complicated. Many divorce lawyers do not have experience in this specific type of situation. Kai Law Group P.S. is known throughout the region as the firm to turn to when a vulnerable youth protection order is involved in the divorce. If your divorce involves a protection order, we can help.

Call The Family Law Attorneys At Kai Law Group P.S.

At Kai Law Group, we are dedicated to helping couples and families navigate through the divorce process with a minimum of conflict. If you are divorcing without children, attorney Natalie Morozova is well-equipped to help you understand your rights, answer questions, and help you work toward an amicable dissolution. If you are divorcing and have children, attorney Ji Min Kim is available to handle child custody and divorce matters effectively and efficiently.

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