International Adoption

​Streamlining The Complicated Process Of International Adoption

International adoptions are much more complicated and time-consuming than in-country adoptions. Like all adoptions, they begin with Homestudy. If the adoptive parents meet the qualifications of U.S. immigration laws and the foreign country, they must then wait for a referral. Once the parents are matched with a child, they are given a picture and may or may not get information about the child’s medical background. Typically there is little, if any, information about the child’s family.

The next step is usually to adopt the child in the courts of the foreign country and get approval from the U.S. Immigration Services to bring the child back home to the states. Some countries place the child in the care of the adoptive couple and require the adoption to be finalized in the U.S. In cases where the adoption takes place on foreign soil, we recommend “readopting” the child in the U.S. This guarantees that the U.S. will recognize the foreign adoption as valid and creates a U.S. birth certificate for the child.

Why Kai Law Group P.S. Is Right For Your Adoption

At Kai Law Group, we take great pride in helping build families through the adoption process. We have gained great insights into the international adoption process through our work in family law and immigration. Our multi-lingual staff has strong relationships with officials in foreign government agencies that allow us to avoid missteps and miscommunications. We are dedicated to the well-being of children and families.

Our Focus Is On Non-Hague International Adoptions

The Hague Convention is an international agreement that sets standards and guidelines for adoptions between countries. The adoption process for the roughly 100 non-Hague countries follows U.S. immigration regulations for orphan adoptions. The Kai Law Group is a licensed adoption services provider only for adoptions involving non-Hague Convention countries and non-treaty adoptions. For a list of Hague Convention Treaty partner countries, visit the Department of State Hague Convention page.

If You Need Help With An International Adoption, Call The Kai Law Group

For assistance in navigating the international adoption process, call our Lakewood office at 253-270-0025 or fill out our online contact form. We speak Korean, Spanish, English and Russian at our office.


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