Tips on how to successfully manage your personal injury matter

Tips on how to successfully manage your personal injury matter

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1.Do not discuss this case with anyone except your attorney, someone from our office, or your doctors.

2.Do not sign anything regarding your claim until you receive approval of your lawyer.

3.Do not discuss your claim with any insurance adjuster. If an adjuster contacts you, ask him or her to call your attorney.

4.Obtain a receipt or bill for all drugs or appliances of any kind purchased by you, and mail all such receipts or bills to us.

5.Send us all bills you receive as a result of your claim (whether paid or not). Please indicate whether you have paid them.

6.Notify us at once of any change of employment, raises, or reductions in salary, or loss of job.

7.Notify us at once of any change of address or telephone number.

8.Notify us immediately if you hear of anything that might affect your case, and contact us immediately in the event of any new developments.

9.If you are required to miss any work due to your injuries, notify us immediately.

10.If you are required to return to the hospital, notify us.

11.Keep a record of the name and date of any help you receive in your household duties or employment duties or recreational or social activities. Send these to us monthly.

12.Keep a record of any additional expenses you have because of your injuries and obtain receipts. Send these to us monthly.

13.If you are self-employed, keep a record of all times you are unable to work or per­form your duties, and why.

14.If you have medical pay coverage or collision insurance, these claims should be made immediately. We will be glad to assist you.

15.Please bring your automobile liability policy to our office so that we may exam­ine it.

16.Please advise us IMMEDIATELY when you are finished treating.